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ADORN Style Box


Nicole and her team always want to put their customers first and in doing so have come up with a new exciting concept called Adorn Style Boxes.
Style Boxes allow customers to select a minimum of $150 of items to try on in the comfort of their own home! We aim to help customers find their perfect fit every time!

How it works:

  1. Customers select up to a minimum of $150 of items to your Try Before You Buy cart for a $25 deposit – ranging from clothes, to shoes and accessories (the only thing you can’t add are any pre–order items) There is a min of 3 items.
  2. Customers will fill out their details as normal but will see that there is no official payment for the items at that point in time. We do ask for a $25 try at home deposit to be held on their card of choice. Black Cart will then attempt a payment of $50 from the card provided as part of their fraud check. This figure will be immediately cancelled but may take a few days to show the change in your account. PLEASE BE ADVISED this will show as a Californian based company and may be questioned by your bank as unusual activity. We can confirm this is a part of the Style Box service.
  3. Customers will then complete the order and will get a tracking number as usual once shipped.
  4. Customers will receive an email confirming the order and with an account log in to be able to track, return and maintain their order.
  5. Once customers receive the items in the mail, they have 5 days to decide what they would like to keep and if they would like to return anything. They log onto the online portal and follow the prompts – it’s that easy!
  6. If customers are returning items they will then be able to generate a shipping label through the Black Cart Portal and return the items to us. There is just a $10 restocking fee that gets added onto the final order amount.


  • Choose a minimum of $150 of items to try in the convenience of your own home
  • You can try on your own clothes with the purchases to make sure your outfit is perfect
  • You only pay for the items you keep!
  • Saves going through our returns process
  • Convenient for full time workers and busy moms who can’t make it into our stores
  • You get 5 days after receiving your items to decide what to keep!
  • Adorn stylists on hand to help you select your perfect outfit
  • The $25 deposit will be applied to the final order amount.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Adorn Style Box program work?

We want our customers to find their perfect fit every time! That’s why we are offering a Style Box program that lets customers choose a minimum of $150 of items to try on in the comfort of their own home. The program aims to make it easier for customers to try different sizes and styles. Select your favorite items and have five days to try them on and decided what you would like to keep! It’s that simple.

Why have I been charged an additional amount from Black Cart as well as my $25 deposit to Adorn?

We understand this might be confusing!
Our Adorn Style Box service is provided by a trusted third-party company called Black Cart who are based in California. This is part of their fraud check to ensure their merchants customers are able to provide payment. It will show in your account as a deduction of $50, however this payment is immediately cancelled and you will still have access to those funds.

When does the try-on period start?

Your try-on period starts the day your order is delivered. We’ll send you an email reminder 48 hours before the five days ends. If you have any issues, just give us a call!

How many items can I try at once? Can I order multiple sizes?

The order minimum is $150, so you can try as many as you like! And yes, you can add multiple sizes of the one item to help find your perfect fit!

What do I have to pay up front?

When you put through an Adorn Style Box order, you will see the items price crossed out on the side – we do just ask for a $25 deposit off a credit card of your choice. If you decide to keep any items, the $25 can be taken off the final order amount.

What happens if I don’t keep anything I have ordered?

No worries at all, you simply return the items back to us and once they have been delivered and checked we are able to return the $25 back to you minus the $10 return postage charge.

How do I return items?

Just log onto your online account and select the items you would like to return and a $10 shipping fee will be added to the order and then it will generate a pre - paid shipping label to stick on the outside of the bag. Then simply drop off the return package at your local Post Office. It's that easy!  Hint: to save on postage bags, you can use your original bag and turn it inside out!

Can I use a discount code on At Home With Frankie Orders?

No, you can not use any discounts on Style Box orders.

Are there any items that I can’t try at home?

Unfortunately,  pre-order items aren’t included.

More questions?

Feel free to contact us stylebox@shopadorn.com.