An Update from Nicole

Posted on 28 November 2020

My business employs 24 people.  Every month since COVID we have lost 30-40k.   I opened Adorn in a recession.  Basically bankrupt I built my store with 20k left on a credit card.  I paid off all my debt.  I grew slow and steady.  I paid well for our industry. I saved for 10 years to buy the house we just moved into.


We have a net loss of $350,000 for the year.  It took me 10 years to build my business and month by month I fight to hold onto it.  There has been no assistance since the PPP.  We have to stay open to survive.  We have to sell clothing to stay open.


If Adorn doesn’t make it - I haven’t just lost a business I have my everything to for the past 10 years ... I would most likely lose my home.  And 24 people will lose their jobs.  Our communities lose their anchor store. 


Monday we have our annual gift card sale.  It’s 20% off gift cards online and in store.  You can also take the easy route and Venmo @shopadorn and list the store you want to pick up from.


That’s one way to support us.  The other way is to comment and share our FB and INSTA posts.  Join us when we resume our lives next week on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and invite your bachelorette viewing crew to join in.


I don’t want to wait until it’s too late to share our reality.  People ask how I’m doing - and i say I’m holding on.  The reality is I’m holding on but I’m losing my grip.  We will drop of a box of gift ideas to your home.  We will host you after hours. 


Please - right now more than ever - the dollars you ARE spending spend them local. 


Every dollar you spend at Adorn or any local business right now is helping to pay rent, and employees. 


This isn’t just my business it’s my whole lively hood.  My team shows up every day with their whole heart in support of Adorn and ready to fight for us. 


Never have I been surrounded by more of a can do - fighting - kick ass team of women and I don’t want to lose them.  I don’t want to lose my business. 


My children have shown up and worked, shipped, moved, ticketed, trained new hires.  I want them to see sacrifice and hard work pays off.  I want to show them you can beat odds and survive a pandemic if you put the work in and pivot. 


So I’m sharing with you all where Adorn is.  The reality I face every morning.  I feel like I have been in a battle since March and I am so tired.  I’m not done yet and I am not throwing in the towel.  But at this pace ... my reality is we have 3-6 months of cash left.  So my time to turn this ship is right now.  I can’t expect or rely on any help or support from our government - but I can share with this community the reality of how badly your small business community needs you to show up for us in any way you can ❤️

Thanks for loving Adorn!



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