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  • Olivine Amongst The Waves Lotion

Olivine Amongst The Waves Lotion



Putting on body lotion is one of the ultimate steps in taking care of your body and spirit...And ultimately your level of self love. When you miss putting on lotion for a couple days in a row it's the same thing to as not exercising or eating right...your simply not taking proper care of yourself. And the ULTIMATE way to apply your body lotion? Slowly and deliberately, all the while telling your body, "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL". Try it for a week and tell me if it makes a difference!

This is a beautiful 72% organic lotion, packaged in an 8 oz glass bottle with a black pump. It says You Are Beautiful on the front as a reminder to tell yourself that every day.  What better item to have on your bathroom vanity?

Each lotion comes with a beautifully handcrafted wooden tag that says:

You Are LOVED, ADORED, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, MAGICAL....Perfect for hanging on your mirror, in your car, in the kitchen, pretty much everywhere! You might need more than one.


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