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Bon Parfumeur Eau de Parfum - 30ml

Cologne 003
Floral 103
Aquatique 801
Fruite 203
302 - Amber Iris Santal
601 - Vetiver Bergamot Cedar
701 - Eucalyptus Amber White Wood
001 - Orange Blossom Bergamot Petit Grain
301 - Santal Amber Cardamom
201 - Granny Smith, Lily-of-the-Valley, Quince
101 - Rose, Sweet Pea, White Cedar
401 - Cedar, Plum Marmalade, Vanilla
802 - Peony, Lotus, Bamboo
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302 Amber Iris Santal:Eau de Parfum. Amber and spices. A sensual amber, woody and spicy.

A spicy note that flirts with the power of amber. The cold accent of the incense contrasts with the heat of the amber, for an intoxicating paradoxical effect. A dry and woody base evokes the cedar and confronts the softness of sandalwood, while a balmy vanilla mix rounds the composition.

Olfactive Family : spicy

003 Yuzu Violet Vetiver: Cologne. A striking and invigorating freshness. 

003 is a cologne with a vegetal scent. At first, this fragrance offers generous minty and zesty notes. Giving one a sudden and crazy desire for a mojito! Its delicate and fresh green tea notes bring an intoxicating lightness. The notes enhance the powdery white flowers. It is a cologne that hides its airy and soft woody playfulness. Elemi notes enchance all the facets of this addictive fragrance, both zesty and woody. A most refreshing olfactory journey.

001 Orange Blossom, Bergamot and PetitgrainEternal Cologne with floral notes.

Discover a cologne that wakens with sparkling bergamot. At its heart, lavender marries with the softness of orange blossom while bottom notes of musk offer delicate comfort.

103 Gardenia Jasmine Hibiscus:Eau de Parfum

Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Neroli Morocco, Frangipani, Apricot

Bottom: White sand, Vanilla, Musks

103 opens up with a light, fresh bergamot and its heart reveals its floral character, with notes of jasmine and heliotrope. A woody base reveals its milky vanilla scent, calling out to the sunny Tahitian gardenia flower.

203 Raspberry, Vanilla, Blackberry: Eau de parfum. Sweet ray of sunshine and red berries.

Sparkling, the citric top notes combine amazingly well with the fruitiness of the pear. Red fruit facets are also present. The meeting point between the two noble flowers, rose and jasmine, magnifies this blend. The middle note, warmed with a sunny mix and the caramelized fruits gives the fragrance its roundness and its “gourmet notes”. The base brings together the strong vanilla, musk and cedar notes.

Olfactive Family: fruity

801 Sea Spray, Cedar and Grapefruit: Eau de parfum. Contrast, hot and cold notes. 

A powerful, aquatic citrus. Grapefruit and lemon notes amplify the marine freshness of sea spray. Its airy elements blending with spicy, aromatic accents to give the composition its character. In its powdery wake, dry wood and white musk fill the air.

Olfactive Family : aquatic

601 Vetiver, Cedar and Bergamot:  Vetiver, freshness of wild flowers. 

An explosion of sparkling, citrus notes. Bergamot gives it zest and grapefruit takes it a little more fruity, met with the exotic touch of pineapple. An aromatic and lightly spicy heart note gives character to this composition, and it's finished with touches of coffee and tobacco leaves. A connoisseur will identify the hint of cannabis.

Olfactive Family: woody

701 Eucalyptus, Coriander and Cypress: Eau de parfum. A sensual amber, woody and spicy.

Rosemary and eucalyptus, captivating essences. An explosion of sparkling and citric notes. The bergamot reveals a zesty facet whereas the grapefruit gives a fruitier note. It associates perfectly with the exotic touch of pineapple. Moreover, the heart note, which is aromatic and lightly spicy, gives character to this composition. At the bottom note, light touches of coffee and tobacco leaves emerge. Some can identify the hidden touch of cannabis.

Olfactive Family: aromatic

301 Amber, Cardamom, Santal: Eau de parfum. These perfumes have sweet, smooth, vanilla-like notes with accents of cistus labdanum. 

Seduced by its assertive character? It’s so easy to give in to the captivating spicy amber aromas of this fragrance. The top notes see a battle between warm and cold spices, with cumin vying cardamom to create a tension that exhilarates the entire scent. Behind this power lies the floral softness of jasmine, which adds volume and carries the sandalwood. The rich and intense facets of this wood become warm, sweet and milky. With its distinguished notes of dry woods, cedar elegantly completes the composition.

Amber reminds us of the scents of ambergris and oriental fragrances. Sandalwood is a soft, milky, mild and sweet wood that thrills us to the core!


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