• ADA Obi Wrap Belt in Silver Shimmer

ADA Obi Wrap Shimmer Belt


Silver Shimmer

Obi belts are worn around the waist, as opposed to the hips. This style naturally accentuates the waist and brings out the hourglass shape and curves. This is why obi belts work best with clothing such as tunics, dresses, and long cardigans. They also look great with high waist pants or jeans, creating a casual yet sophisticated look. Modern obis are often made out of colorful leather and are seen on the most chic models and in high end runway shows!

  • ADA signature one-size versatile belt- made with genuine Argentinean vegetable tanned leather.
  • Measuring 3" thick directly in the middle.
  • Measures approximately 90" in total length
  • Available in Multiple Colors

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